Traditional rehab centers for treating men and women with substance use disorders often relegate affected family members to the position of being “on the outside looking in,” and even then with little insight into the treatment process. The same goes for what happens after rehab is completed. Not only how addiction has affected them, but also what if any role they can play in recovery, is often totally overlooked. This leaves AFMs confused at best, and perhaps even depressed or angry. In a new book published this year by Rowman and Littlefield, psychologist Joseph Nowinski, PhD proposes making AFMs true collaborators in recovery. He argues that AFMs are stakeholders in recovery just as much as is the newly sober man or woman. The book addresses issues such as medication assisted treatment, recovery fellowships, and healing relationships damage by addiction. In doing so it places the newly recovery person and his or her significant others together on the “inside” of recovery as opposed to being separated by the recovery process. The book, Recovery After Rehab: A Guide for the Newly Sober and Their Loved Ones, is available through Amazon or the publisher. For more information visit


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