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Introduction to Conference Dr Gallus Bischof and Prof Richard Velleman (15 mins) followed by Keynote presentation Dr Jeff Foote (USA): The Invitation to Change Approach - Evidence-Based Principles and Practices for Helping a Loved One Change (1 hour​)

Keynote presentation Professor Katherine Sorsdahl (South Africa) and Dr Chido Rwafa-Madzvamutse (Zimbabwe): The Role of the Family in Substance Use Treatment in sub-Saharan Africa: Our past, present and proposed future (45mins and 15mins discussion)

Dr Janina Dyba (Germany) - Parental illicit substance use in Germany: Parenting, parental distress and approaches to intervention ( Start at 3mins 15 secs and then 15 mins presentation); followed by Dr Diana Moesgen (Germany) - SHIFT + parent training - an intervention for mothers and fathers using illicit drugs (20 minutes); followed by 10 minutes questions and discussion​

Justina Murray (Scotland) - Ask The Family: family perspectives on Whole Family Support and Family Inclusive Practice in Scotland (15mins and 5 mins discussion)

Joël Tremblay (Canada) - Addiction Research with the Family in Québec, Canada (15mins and 5 mins discussion)

Judith Smith (USA) - Mothering in later life: Older mothers and their challenging adult children (15mins presentation)

Oyvind Kalsaas (Norway) - Bereaved by drug-related deaths: needs for help, received help, and predictors for high and low satisfaction with received help. (15mins and 5 mins discussion)

Max van Beek (Netherlands) - Effectiveness of the 5-Step Method at Jellinek, Holland (15mins and 5 mins discussion)

Pauline Stewart (New Zealand) – Family Drug Support (FDS) Aotearoa New Zealand: from a local to a fully national agency, and the development of the 5-Step Method within FDS. (15mins and 5 mins discussion)

1st talk:Peter Kelly and Angela Argent (Australia) - SMART Australia and its Family & Friends programme (15mins and 5 mins discussion)

2nd talk: Amirul Danial Azmi (Malaysia) - Perception of Government and religious school teachers towards adolescent drug-use in a northern state in Malaysia: A qualitative study (15mins and 5mins presentation)

Daniela Capitanucci (Italy) – The psychological condition of gamblers’ affected family members (AFM) during the COVID-19 lockdown (15mins presentation)

Daniel O'Callaghan (Ireland) – Drug-related deaths (15mins presentation and 5mins discussion)

Nikki Kiyimba (New Zealand) - The impact of having a family member in addiction (15mins presentation and 5mins discussion)

AFINet Online Conference 2021 - Closing

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