The Addiction and the Family International Network promotes, through research, practice and policy, the well-being of family members, friends and colleagues who are affected by, and/or concerned about another person’s addiction. We would like to encourage members who are already engaged in cross-country collaboration in the field of addiction and family, or who are interested in such collaboration, or who are seeking help and advice from those who've been working in that field in other countries.

Membership is free and the benefits include access to all resources and the majority of 5-Step Method resources, reduced fees for AFINet conferences and access to all members to share experiences and ideas.

To be a member of AFINet you should:

  • Have an active interest in research, practice or policy regarding the effects on family members and family life of excessive alcohol or drug use, gambling, or other addictive behaviour.
  • Already be engaged in international collaboration in that area of work.
  • Or be actively considering such collaboration.
  • Or be seeking support or collaboration in that area of work from those in better resourced countries.
  • All members should be in broad agreement with the aims of AFINet.
To apply for membership to AFINet, please complete our application form below. Once your application has been approved, AFINet will contact you with further details.
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All information supplied below by you will be used solely by AFINet, for the purposes of AFINet. As an AFINet member, your name, work title and country will appear in a members-only section of the AFINet website. We will not share this information with anyone unless they are associated with AFINet and we will not share any information we hold about you with anyone without your permission. We will use the contact details we have for you in order to communicate with you about AFINet business, including sending you our regular Newsletter and details of forthcoming AFINet events.

Completing the form below will be taken as positive agreement that we have your permission to hold these data.

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I understand that by becoming a member of AFINet I undertake to be part of a global network of researchers, practitioners and those concerned with policy relating to the effects on family members and family life of excessive alcohol or drug use, gambling, or other addictive behaviour and I am in agreement with the AFINet Aims. I agree that any documents downloaded from the site are for personal use only and will not be distributed without permission of the author(s).
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Make a Donation

As a charitable organisation, we rely on donations to keep going. If you would like to make a donation, please add in your amount you want to donate in the box below where it says 20. This amount is in pounds so please adjust to take account of any conversions from your currency. Please be aware that Paypal takes about 5% of your fees so if you want AFINet to receive the full amount, please increase your amount- all is appreciated.

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