The 5-Step Method Resource Hub

Information, resources & self directed learning for practitioners to support their professional development & use of the intervention with affected family members

All text in yellow is a link to more information - either in a pop up box, a video, or documents that can be downloaded. Note that you will need to have completed 5-Step Method training or be an AFINet member to access some of the materials. You can use the language translator (Select Language) at the top right of the screen to translate the text on these web pages. All Videos can be viewed with English subtitles - press play, click on full screen and then icon subtitles/closed captions. There are also resources in Other Languages- go to Guidance, Handbooks, Reading and Other Languages and see box marked Resources in Other Languages.


We have organised the 5SM Resource Hub into 4 main sections. These are:
  • • Guidance, Handbook, Reading & Resources in Other Languages
  • • Delivering the 5-Step Method
  • • Other Resources
  • • Self Guided Package
  • Click on whichever area (boxes below) is of interest or relevance to you and you will be taken to the content which includes documents, videos and other resources. We will also make suggestions as to how to get the most out of the resources depending on your needs. Using the materials on this website alone, without undertaking training, will not make you skilled and competent as a practitioner. However, you can make a start by following a Self-Guided package. The essential items in such a package are shown in "View Details" box:

    CORE COUNSELLING COMPETENCIES - The core counselling competencies that should be used throughout a 5SM intervention

    TRAINING FOR PRACTITIONERS, MANAGERS & SUPERVISORS - The different training models that are available for practitioners, as well as separate training that can be provided for managers & supervisors

    GUIDANCE/MATERIALS FOR ASSESSORS AND TRAINERS - How to become an accredited 5SM Trainer or Assessor, and on resources for trainers & assessors

    BECOMING SELF SUFFICIENT - How to work with AFINet to embed the 5SM within your team, service or organisation

    GAMBLING - Information on, and discussion about, an adapted version of the 5SM for families affected by a relative’s problem gambling

    STEPS TO COPE - Information on, and discussion about, an adapted version of the 5SM for children and young people affected by parental substance misuse




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