AFINet is a free-to-join Network, providing a platform which:

  • brings together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners;
  • promotes the well-being of family members, friends and colleagues who are affected by or concerned about another person’s problems with or addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling; and
  • develops research, policy and practice in the field.

AFINet Membership (free) is by application:


The AFINet Webinars generally are monthly, and cover a range of topics related to Addiction and the Family. The programme for 2021 is below. Participation in each webinar is free, but to join, you MUST register beforehand. For each Webinar that you are interested in, please register in the few days before it starts, via Below the programme you can find a video recording of each Webinar that has been presented so far, along with the PowerPoint slides for that Webinar.

Future Webinars

Date: 18th May 2021, 2pm UK time
Title: Introducing and embedding the 5-Step Method across a national non-statutory health and social care organisation in England: the journey of Turning Point
Presenters: Lorna Templeton - Independent Research Consultant, Bristol, UK and
Jan Larkin - Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Psychology, Turning Point, UK
Description: This Webinar will describe how Turning Point, one of the largest providers of addiction and mental health care across England, decided to utilise the 5-Step Method across their services, and how they have implemented and developed the Method over the past decade. This Webinar will be of especial interest for any organisations or countries which are considering implementing the 5-Step Method.



Date: 22nd June 2021, 2pm UK time
Title: Reaching Family Members in Large Numbers – Using the internet as a tool to enhance conversations with family members
Presenters: Ed Sipler - Health Development Specialist, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland, UK
Description: This Webinar will explore the findings from AFINet’s Project 1 – Reaching Family Members in Large Numbers. One of the outcomes of this project was the publication of The Pocket Guide for Family Members and the development of a You Tube clip with key messages from the booklet. This Webinar will explore the development of these tools and their use in enhancing conversations with family members.


Date: July and August – No Webinar – Northern Hemisphere Summer Break


Date: 9th and 10th September 2021
Title: AFINet Virtual Conference
Presenter: More details to follow
Description: AFINet Virtual Conference – more details and the opportunity to submit Abstracts for Virtual Presentation to follow


Date: 19th October 2021, 2pm UK time (9am Boston time)
Title: Interacting with the Treatment System: perspectives from Family Members and Treatment Providers
Presenter: Alicia S. Ventura, MPH - Director of Special Projects and Research, Grayken Center for Addiction, Boston Medical Center Boston, USA
Description: This Webinar will describe and outline the results from a recently completed qualitative study, which looked at family members impacted by addiction and investigated their experiences interacting with treatment systems for both them and their loved ones. The study also included a provider component which explored barriers to including the family in care, from the perspective of the addiction care team. Both provider and family member perspectives will be examined and conclusions drawn over how to make treatment more ‘family-inclusive’.


Date: 23rd November 2021, 2pm UK time, 3pm Dutch time
Title: AFMs and ‘study success’
Presenter: Dorine van Namen - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam), Research Centre Innovations in Care (Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie) PhD candidate, Maastricht University
Description: This Webinar will describe an ongoing research project examining how a relative’s addiction (to alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills, opioid painkillers and gambling) affect the quality of life and level of ‘study success’ of young adult Affected Family Members (AFMs). These AFMs are all students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In 2019 all students at this University received an anonymous survey about their own alcohol and drug use, and included in the survey were questions about having a relative with addiction. A total of 5,662 students completed the survey; 881 of them were AFMs (15.6%). Compared with students without family members with an addiction, these AFM students had more frequent study delay, reported poorer physical and mental health, were more frequent smokers, and used more stimulant medication and illegal drugs. 30 of these AFM-students disclosed their e-mail address because they wished to collaborate in longitudinal qualitative research. This Webinar will look at what they tell us about the ef fects on study success of living with (a) family member(s) addiction?


Date: December 2021
Title: TBC

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