AFINet Trustees

Gallus Bischof (Chair AFINet).
Clinical Psychologist, Senior Researcher, University of Luebeck, Dpt. Of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Luebeck, Germany

Minna Ilva (Secretary AFINet).
Project Manager, A-Clinic Foundation, Helsinki, Finland

Richard Velleman (Treasurer AFINet).
Emeritus Professor of Mental Health Research, University of Bath, Bath, England

Cassandra Borges Bortolon.
Clinical Psychologist, Brazil

Dorine van Namen.
Researcher at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Research Centre Innovations in Care; PhD candidate at Maastricht University, Holland

Jim Orford.
Emeritus Professor of Clinical and Community Psychology, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, England, UK

Tuuli Pitkanen.
Senior Researcher, Finland

Ronaldo Risseto.
Board Member of Amor Exigente  São Paulo, Brazil

Ed Sipler.
Health Development Specialist, Northern Ireland, UK

Lorna Templeton.
Independent Research Consultant, Bristol, England, UK

Paul Toner.
Lecturer, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Anne Whittaker.
Senior Researcher/Reader, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK

Gill Velleman (Co-opted Trustee).
5-Step Method Assessor & Trainer, Director Velleman Consultancy, Bath, UK

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Technical problems with membership applications

We have just discovered that the AFINet Membership application form has not been working for the last 6 months, due to a technical error. While it has been fixed now, all applications since May have been lost (we had assumed that the lack of applications was due to Covid!).

We are very sorry for this. If you have applied for membership and have not received a response, we would kindly ask you to re-complete and re-submit the form (to be found here: If you know of any colleagues or friends who have tried to join AFINet over this period, it would be very helpful if you could forward this information to them, and encourage them to re-apply.

The AFINet Trustees